Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pretty Hearts All in a Row

Last month I knit a slew of little hearts for a valentine's swap organized by naturalsuburbia.  Crafty folks from all over the world agreed to create a little something fun for an unknown crafter and send it to them Valentine's Day.  I needed 10 hearts, but they were so quick and fun that I just kept making them.  I made a couple waiting in the carpool line.  I made one on a quick car ride (as a passenger of course.)  I even made one in the line at the grocery store.....  They were addictive- 10 minutes of knitting and a few minutes of fiddling with the ends and I had a little heart.  I strung them on a little string and voila.  I followed the pattern by Knit1Slip1's Knitted Heart Bunting.  I tweaked her pattern a bit- instead of starting with a new piece of yarn after the first bind-off, I cut the yarn about a yard long, threaded it onto a daring needle and ran it down the V of the heart and picked it up with the remaining stitches.  I hate weaving in my ends and this meant one less end to weave. 

Blocking after washing- they did have a tendency to curl.
 Before you knew it I had enough hearts to make garlands.  I put together my little swap packet. I included some hand-dipped candles (candle-dipping) and some chocolates (not pictured) 

I strung the rest of the hearts for my own fireplace mantel.

A few days ago, I received a sweet package in the mail. 
Yummy chocolates, heavenly lemon soap, and a lovely hand-knit heart washcloth.  Thanks Diana!

So much fun!  I think I'll celebrate with a nice hot bubble bath.


  1. How beautiful! I love your heart garland. I am so happy you enjoyed the swap and what a lovely package you received too.

    1. Linda- Thanks to you for organizing the swap. It was such fun.

  2. I too love your heart garland. Valentine's day is a wonderful festival to enjoy for a week, not just a day, I think!

    1. Kelly- I agree. Love should be celebrated every day!