Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Mid-Week Update

I have periods of time when I am very productive and then I have times when I look up, it's a new month, and I wonder how I got there.  This is one of the later.  With the whirlwind of Christmas and New Year's behind me, I gave myself the month of January to work on "little" organization projects around the house and in my life. A messy closet, filing of paperwork, fixing seams on some old pillows.... Then come February I would be ready to start a new, big project.  Well, it's February 8th and I'm just realizing that January is come and gone, yet my projects are still here.

I have been busy. I've been cooking a lot.  A big vat of chili and homemade pretzels for Superbowl watching.

before all the simmering. 

homemade soft pretzels

Tinkering with a new recipe for kale chips

I've been knitting a lot. 

Little gnomes waiting to be felted

Hearts for a valentine's swap.
Oh, and that sweater.  A friend just asked me how the sweater is coming.  I was knitting along, really liking the way the colors were blending and the shape was developing, then I checked my pattern for the next step.  Well it turns out, I can knit but I...CAN'T... READ. I missed a couple crucial steps early in the pattern. Not because it was particularly tricky or poorly writen, but because I didn't read it!  The sweater looked like this:
before discovering mistake

And now it looks like this:
After ripping out mistake.
An opportunity for more knitting. 

And I started a blog!

And there are cello concerts to attend, and class valentine's parties to plan, and homework to assist, and groceries to buy, and dinners to make, and laundry to wash. And it is good.  Sometimes the big projects just have to wait.  I'm busy living my life today and today is busy enough. 

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