Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Try, try again

Last year I decided to start this blog.  A new year's resolution of sorts.  It started fine. I came up with a name. I registered the blog, I even made two posts.  Then I stopped.  I worried I needed to have a theme. Was this a crafty blog? a cooking blog? a child/family blog?  a spiritual journey blog?  It seemed to me that it should have a unifiying theme or no one would read it.  Goes to show how easy it is to eliminate "should" from the vocabulary. 

Like so many things in life, I'm starting over.  Well, at leasting starting from where I left off, which is the way it seems to work in life. We never really get to start from scratch; we always start from somewhere. It's called growth.  This time, I promise to write at least twice a week on any topic, no matter what (life is interesting enough to find two topics a week on which to write.) I promise to include photos. I prefer blogs with photos and I'm betting most people do too.  It doesn't matter if there is not a unifiying theme. It doesn't matter if no one ever reads it. I will write it for me. I also promise to put myself out there. Last year, I didn't tell anyone about this project. I faced my fear of failure, my fear of looking like an idiot, and I backed down. I walked away like a dog with her tail beween her legs and I blamed it on being "too busy." This year I'm facing those fears and I refuse to back down. No excuses. So go ahead and mock me- laugh behind my back at my silly topics and my poor writing abilities and my grammatical mistakes.  I will share this blog when the opportunity presents itself.   I will be proud of it because I created it. I tell my children to be proud that they tried- it's time I started following my own advice.  This project is not a should. There is no other voice telling me to do this. This is something I want to do. For me. Sometimes desire and goals require discipline and facing our fears.

And so it begins, again.

And now for a cup of chai tea and a salty caramel that Santa let in my stocking.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Nancye! I hope you find much fulfillment from this space. When I started my blog, I saw the blog as an outlet for doing things that I loved: cooking, taking pictures, writing. I am approaching my 4-year anniversary (how can that be!) and I have written many bad posts and a few that I loved. But I try to keep going because, for me, the best reason to keep doing it is to capture the "now" of our family life. Good luck to you!!